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Technical Documents

Shield Formply - Technical Documents

The construction industry is supported by Codes of Practises and Australian Building Codes, adopted by all parties engaged in the construction of structures.
Products and equipment use on these structures are also required to meet strict Australian Standards.

AS6669: 2007 - 2016 (Formply for Formwork) provides strict performance criteria for the manufacture of F17 Class 2 formply used for the construction of multi storey structures using concrete.  Shield Formply is manufactured under these strict Australian Standards providing a Premium Grade product for the Australian formwork market.

Formply is just one part of a bigger symphony of the formwork industry comprising of: formwork riggers, scaffolders, concrete suppliers, concreters, engineers, certifiers, transportation, storage and general worksite ground crews.

This technical document is prepared as a guideline on the Duty of Care required by all parties and the Formwork and Concreting PCBU's who handle Shield Formply adopting best practises to achieve a Class 2 finish by adopting codes of practises across:
1. Transportation of Formply
2. Storage and General Care of Formply prior to use
3. Installation
4. Concreting
5. Stripping

Shield Formply when used according to best practises adopted on construction sites, managed by their Client PCBU's. will provide the desired quality finish.