Formwork is a tough business ... When the sun is cooking on your neck and the pressures of business are beating down on you, the one thing that we can help with is stable and secure supply of quality formply

Rather than having too many variables, we decided to manufacture all our material to F17 stress rating to give you the comfort of knowing you are using high strength material

SHIELD Formply has AS6669 and FSC certification 

We carry stock of 1800 x 1200 x 17mm F17 Class 2 sheets 

We also have some 2400 x 1200 x 17 F17 Class 2 sheets 

We have a controlling interest in a factory overseas which only produces one product ... F17 Class 2 material to our standards and specifications. In the equation of Speed, Quality and Cost ... we believe SHIELD provides the best value for money

So whenever you need formply, call Steve or Keith to arrange pickup or we can deliver to you anywhere in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne

Team Shield. 


Formply on multistorey site with starter bars


Formply on residential site as house comes out of ground


Formply on highrise apartment tower